Sunday, February 01, 2009

Introducing: Try Me Bicycle : Phoenix

This 'introducing' post is a new thing I am trying... This is going to take the place of the Good, The Bad And the Ugly post that I have been doing. I want to be able to spend more time on these up and coming groups that I am really into and I think you would/should be to.

I didn't have to go far this time... Try Me Bicycle was loosely formed in the Phoenix area, from Andy Naylor, Jay Novak and Jacob Koller. Though there have been other additions from time to time, this has been the core of the group since its conception in 2005. What attracts me to this group are there simple organic sound... nothing fancy here, just really great voice and wonderful song writing. They take their time building a song form the foundation up, no rushing into melody or sounds as so often is the case. It's sunset and sunrise music tied into one collaboration of rainy cloudy and sunny days.

They remind me a lot of an American Kings of Convenience, and in the long waiting for their new album, I was able to find comfort in Try Me Bicycle... but now, these guys stand on their own to me. 'Voices', their 207 debut release is a cohesive mix of soft melodies curved around light evenings spend around a record player.

You can get their debut at itunes or their website, you can also listen to songs on their website.

Here are a couple samples:

Old Men of Jerome - MPEG4 (Sorry, no MP3)
Come Sunday - MPEG4
April Sky - MPEG4
Download is a little slow...

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