Monday, February 16, 2009

Dan Auerbach : Hacienda : Conan O'Brien

Last week I posted about Dan Auerbach's latest solo release; I might have been a little harsh of the blues and soul master... though I will stand by the silliness of him putting out a solo album. At any rate, I saw Dan was schedule to perform on Conan the other night so I tuned in to Hulu to check it out... and Dan did great, BUT what I thought was most interesting was his accompanying band. Last fall I posted about the the Dr. Dog / Delta Spirit / Hacienda tour that was freckling the country. Well low and behold, there was Hacienda accompanying Dan Auerbach! And doing a very nice job I might add.

It's great to see these guy in the stage with Dan, even if it is accompanying him!

Hacienda - myspace

Hacienda "She's Got a Hold on Me" from REVELATOR on Vimeo.

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