Sunday, February 22, 2009

Delta Spirit : New Music / Daytrotter

Last year I places a seemingless nothing album at the 5 spot on my top 25 list. That album was the debut for the San Diego band Delta Spirit. I always felt their gospel, indie conglomerate was WAY miss understood... particularly after they toured with Dr. Dog last year. I think they had a better place on tour with Cold War Kids satirical gospel preacher ton. I really felt this when I saw them with Dr. Dog. I still can't get Matt Vasquez, crazed look out of my mind as he sang. This is not happy pop music folks this is religiously/spiritually-themed indie music that is sung with a raspy voice that seems to be on the end of destruction.

Delta Spirit stopped off at Daytrotter for the second time (first time) on Friday. AND gave us all a little treat by playing four previously unreleased songs. Can you say, new album... possible 2009? maybe, especially since Ode to Sunshine was simple a reissue of their original independently released album for the end of 2008.

The new material is nice. You can tell some of the songs are still a work in progress (Peace In The Valley)... but as we have seen from these guys in the past, they have the ability to adapt music and songs into different sounds and versions.

Keep your eyes out for these guys though, they have been touring like crazy. Selling out some pretty prestigious locations (Bowery Ballroom, Middle East).

Not Wasting Time

Lovers Waltz

Peace In The Valley

Yesmen and Bumsuckers

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