Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Bibio - Vignetting the Compost

Bibio (a.k.a. Stephen Wilkinson) is the magical mythical creature in the form of a fly that makes pretty music. Ok, so, maybe he is not really a mythical creature in the form of a fly but this guy definitely makes magical and pretty music. He hails from England and is roofed under Mush Records. I think I will nominate Bibio for making the most ticklish spring time music, this year ever. Think: bees and butterflies and dandelions. (Achoo!). It is summery and it beats the dirt out of winter morning in Arizona in the face. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you: Vignetting the Compost.

If you live in a cold-climate region, you probably long for an accelerating mass of explosives to keep you warm. It is probably a good idea to hold that thought first and give Bibio a chance. Vignetting the Compost will turn your wintertime to spring. And your springtime to summer too. Also think: leprechauns and rainbows and lucky charms. And a gallon of sunshine. Maybe in the middle of this album you will find yourself barefooted in an open meadow guided by birds and squirrels into a magical forest. Who knows where you will end up?

Listen to "Weekend Wildfire"


Preston Smith said...

Addy... brilliant post. Where has this group been hiding from me... am in love with this song you posted... and so I will get the whole album. Slash welcome aboard... we'll get you a proper introduction soon enough. But seriously, thanks for posting this beautiful stuff!

Anonymous said...

Fi is sooooo good. Looking forward to this one too.