Friday, February 27, 2009

Introducing: You, You're Awesome or a cure for the Octopus Project blues

I've found the cure for the common Octopus Project crave. You, You're Awesome (myspace) hale from Ohio, Cincinnati non the less. And while I am sure they are sick of hearing themselves compared to The Octopus Project, they have a lot of similarity... most prominently that they are really good, like Octopus Project.

To be honest, it is nice to see another band take this kind of approach on making music. The beats and sounds are really refreshing and up beat. I am surprised there have not been other bands adopt this type of sound and run with it... but I guess that is what makes, The Octopus Project so unique.

So while the verdict is still out on, You, You're Awesome, there is plenty of room out there in the electronic/pop realm. Their EP debut, You’re A Fun Drunk is a nice little work... and shows promise. Look for these guys out on the road... They just booked their first gig out side of Cincinnati ("just booked our first out of town show... Louisville, KY: Tue, Mar 24: The Pink Door w/ Hearts of Darknesses (nyc)" via twitter)

Bonus track from their EP - Two Muffins

A couple of Videos:

You, You're Awesome - Out Come Crazy (Live) from You, You're Awesome on Vimeo.

You, You're Awesome - For the Queen (Live) from You, You're Awesome on Vimeo.

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