Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Decemberists - Hazards of Love 1

Let's all be honest here, The Decemberists' upcoming album is a hype album. Their last effort, The Crane Wife, was by leaps and bounds, Colin Meloy & crew's strongest effort to date. It struck a perfect balance between the charming songwriting of their past and their showmanship that sometimes drowned themselves out. The Crane Wife even hinted at a prog band underneath their charming folky exterior. Well, what The Rake's Song made us suspect, Hazards of Love 1 has confirmed: The Decemberists are becoming a full on prog rock band. Whether this is a good thing is yet to be seen. The Decemberists are now hosting 2 songs off their new album on their myspace. Check it out. Also, if you didn't notice above, the album art has recently become much more gothic, or at very least more legible.


Carlos D said...

I think Picaresque has aged poorly, but it did mean a lot more to me when it came out than Crane Wife did.

But hey, we're all different no?

Preston Smith said...

Carlos... you bring up a great point about music discovery and the magic that comes with something new and exiting. Maybe that is why there are some many people who have such a stong drive to discover new inovative music.

You see I LOVED Crane Wife, mostly because it was the first I discovered The Decemberists... Picaresque later became a great jewel in my collection, but the crane wife is always the flagship of decemberists albums to me...

thanks for reading Carlos... and for posting!