Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Thermals - Now We Can See

As previously mentioned, The Thermals have been hard at work on their follow up to 2006's The Body, The Blood, The Machine. The album new album will be titles Now We Can See Due April 7th on Kill Rock Stars.
The Thermals have been pop-punk's King Midas. Everything they do has been golden. From their inception they have slowly made the transition from lo-fi to (at least comparably) studio experts; from their longest tracks just breaking the 2 and a half minute mark, to songs breaking past 5 minutes; always full of piss and vinegar, yet somehow hopeful. Today they leaked the title track from the new album. It's pace is slower than in past efforts. The production is cleaner. It may be one of the strongest tracks in their catalog. It still combines their incredible pop constructions ("Oh-Way-Oh-Oh") with their seething politics ("We existed to kill/Our history is damaged/At least it was a thrill/But now we can see!") Check out the track below, and stay tuned to this station for a full review of the album.

The Thermals - Now We Can See (MP3)

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