Thursday, February 19, 2009

New St. Vincent - Actor

My favorite guitar babe (Don't worry Marnie Stern, you can be my alternate) has given up the album art, track list, and release date for her follow up to Marry Me. The album will be called Actor and it will be released May 5th via 4AD. The track list is below. Get pumped.

01 "The Strangers"
02 "Save Me From What I Want"
03 "Neighbors"
04 "Actor Out of Work"
05 "Black Rainbow"
06 "Laughing With a Mouth of Blood"
07 "Marrow"
08 "The Bed"
09 "The Party"
10 "Just the Same But Brand New"
11 "The Sequel"

1 comment:

Preston Smith said...

hey. you beat me to this one. remember when we saw Annie together. that was one of the first shows I remember meeting you at. AND i have never seen the Modified so full... Ah Nostalgia! I am pumped for this new album... Annie didn't get enough credit for her last one.