Friday, February 20, 2009

Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We?

No, this is not a flash back post about the 1993 debut release of The Cranberries... although that is a great album.

It is simply us (Jeffrey, Addy and myself) announcing that we Twitter. That's right... we have joined the club. AND are proud of it.

Rather then creating one twitter for the blog, I'm posting out individual twitters ... because in fact we are individuals. So if you like one of us more then the others... you can just follow that person.

So here are our Twitter addresses

My favorite tweet (is that the right word?) of hers:
Why I listen to Sufjan a lot. He never disappointed me. Music in my boyfriend

My favorite tweet of his:
Andrew Jackson Jihad is the best band out of Arizona. Hands down. And yet Jimmy Eats World remains the famous one.

Personal favorite tweet:
is absolutely certain that picklization is cucumber genocide, and should be punish in a court of law.

So follow us, slash stock us... .

1 comment:

addy said...

you left out the less than three sign! haha. what a great post!