Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On a Scale of 1 to 10 how upset am I that The Avett Brothers are touring with Dave Matthews Band?


I caught The Avett Brothers at the Rhythm Room last year, we packed about 600 people in there. Someone split beer all over me, I didn't care. The moment was so magical, beautiful women were kissing homeless men in the parking lot after... the bar was handing out free beer to underage drinkers. It was beautiful.

Now I have to go see The Avett Brothers at Cricket Pavilion with 10 thousand Dave Matthews Band fans, who's musical scope extends no further then Dave and Hootie and the Blowfish. Its going to be hotter then hell outside, if you haven't been paying your $49.95 yearly fan club fee to Dave for the last 10 years your not going to get seats with in 300 yards of the stage... AND there will be some 2000 yuppie jerks who don't even care who is playing walking back and forth in front of you the entire night. ALL that after you have forked up $50 to bring your own blanket and sit on the lawn.

Not that I'm not exited for Scott and Seth, but damn... I just wish I could have had one more small venue show with just them. BUT I should have seen this coming when they signed with Columbia Records last July.

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The Taylor's said...

PRESTON...Wait a minute, Clap your hands and say yeah used to be The Refreshments? My mind just got kind of blown.

addy said...

and watch them play on screen. by which you could have just watch the entire concert on youtube. lol.

Preston Smith said...