Thursday, February 12, 2009

Introducing: Adventure : the ultimate nintendo pop

I have been referring to a certain genre of music as Nintendo Pop for a while now (Jukebox the Ghost). You know the groups that I'm talking about, Toyko Police Club, The Octopus Project, Dan Deacon... and on and on. Their synth riffs sound like something straight off of early Sega, Nintendo ect...

Well, I found Adventure (ie Benny Boeldt) and what would you know but he attributes much of his composition to Sega Genesis. Carpark Records:

Adventure is 24 year-old North Carolina native and recent Baltimore transplant Benny Boeldt. His ultra-melodic synth compositions pull from his earliest exposure to the 8-bit soundtracks of the Sega Genesis video game catalog. But it's not just retro video game music. Mix in the kitschy Moogy sound of Hot Butter's "Popcorn", the saturated disco-theatrics of late seventies electro-pop acts like Sparks and Yellow Magic Orchestra, and a penchant for Eastern European diminished scales and you've come pretty close to Adventure's accelerated baroque sound.

Adventure is an advanced, dance-floor friendly take on the music of early video gaming. Let the epic quest for the master sword begin!

I feel like I am playing some roided up version of Zelda (the only Nintendo game I ever loved) when I listen to this music. Like Carpark mentioned, Benny just moved to Baltimore, no doubt in some way following Dan Deacon.

In fact, Dan and Benny (Dan Deacon and Adventure) just released a 12" split that includes a song from Dan's forthcoming LP, Bromst.

Check out his myspace to listen to some tunage.
and buy his record at carpark


afton said...

i've decided i like the more subtle nintendo pop. i don't need to nor want to listen to endless versions of old school mario bros. (i also always enjoy lyrics over no lyrics) but jukebox the ghost? totally digging them right now. i must steal their music from you.

Preston Smith said...

Afton... check on the facebook group. Me, Adeline or Jeffrey will put up Jukebox the Ghost. or a link to some where you can download it. Enjoy.

addy said...

haha crystal castles is about the closest to nintendo pop i could think of. but they're all great!