Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Little Ones : Daytrotter : The Modified - Wed, Feb 11

The Little Ones are one of the more misunderstood groups out there... often over looked for their ability to create happy music. Their EP, Terry Tales & Fallen Gates from last year came out the same time as Fleet Foxes EP Sun Giant, and received as much play as the latter on my ipod, if not more.

I guess I was a little disappointed with their follow up LP, Morning Tide... mostly because they had a couple of songs from Terry Tales & Fallen Gates. BUT even then the LP was a tight mix of well crafted pop tunes. I caught them at the Modified last May with Ra Ra Riot, who released an album at the same time Morning Tide came out... Rhumb Line ended up on Rolling Stones end of year list? The Little Ones have a large following in England. It just doesn't make since that these guys haven't received more credit... Ah, wait... it just came to me, they aren't from Brooklyn... or from Brooklyn via [insert obscure location]. Problem solved.

Anyway, The Little Ones did session at Daytrotter last week. AND will be at The Modified on the 11th, that's this Wednesday.

Here are the Daytrotter songs:

Gregory's Chant (via Daytrotter) mp3

Ordinary Song (via Daytrotter) mp3

Tangerine Visions (via Daytrotter) mp3

Morning Tide (via Daytrotter) mp3
The Little Ones @ The Modified
Wednesday Feb 11th 8pm $8
Step Cousin
: Really Big Birds


afton said...

i kinda really maybe want to go to this show. they're right up my alley. you going?

Anonymous said...

are you serious? they are from la, just as bad when it comes to the "scene" maybe even worse. they dont get respect, because theyre not good. i too loved sing song, but they havent been able to match that level of songwriting since.

Preston Smith said...

I know they are from LA, that was my point... move any band to Brooklyn and all the sudden they can fart on tape and its a hit.

I can see how you could have derived some confusion for my post, AT LEAST we can agree the Sing Song was a brilliant EP and the best of their work so far.

Thanks for reading, even if you disagree.