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Anni Rossi : Rockwell [March 10th 2009] : Anni Rossi @ The Modified, Feb 9th

If you have been paying very close attention to the blog for the last 6 months, you might remember me posting about Anni Rossi, in my The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, last September. Well, now after an EP release in October, beings signed to a label and now I want to highlight Anni:

Much like her Chicago counter part, Andrew Bird; Anni Rossi comes from a long history of classically trained Viola starting back to 3 years old. Also, like the Bird man Rossi is a multi-instrument musician. She put out an EP last October that caught little attention... but apparently enough to catch 4AD records based out of London. These guys have worked with a pretty extensive group of musicians, check out the list form Wikipedia.

At any rate, Anni has been in the studio and has finished her debut LP, Rockwell. It comes out on March 10th in the states, along with some extensive touring.

Here is one of the songs off Rockwell: (thanks Fluxblog)


MOSTLY though, Anni will be in town this coming Monday with a whole slew of local musicians: Here is the post I did about it a month ago.

Anni Rossi
: Whitman
:: Stephen Steinbrink
::: Stellalune


Anni and Whitman have a 10" split coming out on Folktales, that will more then likely be as brilliant if not more then Rockwell.

K, I know this is a lot to say, so thanks for reading the whole thing.

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