Friday, January 30, 2009

Elbow Covers U2 : Running to Stand Still

Really, I swore to myself that I wouldn't post anything involving U2. Not that I don't like them... I just don't see the point, they don't need 300,000 blog posting about them. BUT I don't mind posting about the brits, Elbow... I'm exited about the increased notariety that they have recieved after last years, The Seldom Seen Kid, release.

So what if it happens that they are covering a U2 song... but not just any U2 songs, but one of my favorite; Running to Stand Still. Few people have successfully been able to cover U2 but this is one of the best.

The song is going to be released with the War Child Heroes Compilation... Jeffrey did a post about it earlier this month.

Elbow - Myspace

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Shannon said...

Wow! There aren't very many many good U2 remakes slash almost none but this is awesome! Thank you for sharing!