Friday, February 13, 2009

[New] The National : New Music

We don't get to hear much from The National, every now and then a little news, but no quirky Crash Test Dummies covers (although that might be really cool)... they choose their projects wisely and for good reason. Why prostitute such musical talent all over the musical cosmos? The Dessner Brother have put their name on a couple things, most notable the, Dark Was the Night compilation but basically stayed quiet since Boxer. Most recently, the word on the streets of Brooklyn is that the follow up for Boxer will be out in 2010. Does that seem like miles away for anyone else besides me? At any rate, here are a couple of horrible recordings... but they are NEW stuff. Also, So Far Around the Bend, from Dark Was the Night.


Wake Up Your Saints

Thanks - We All Want Someone To Shout For for leading me over to Onethirtybpm.

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Jason P. Woodbury said...

Thanks for the reply over on Somuchsilence! I think the "Dark Was the Night" comp is really going to kick ass. The widget idea is really rad.

Anyway, come up and say hi next time we're at a sparsely attended show. We can chat and whatnot, duder!