Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dan Auerbach [The Black Keys] - Keep It Hid : Feb 10th 2009

This weeks release of the week is a bit of a comical one. Dan Auerbach of duo blues fusion group The Black Keys has released a solo album. So Dan, the one of two musicians in The Black Keys has released a solo album? Do I need to say this one more time? I hope not. Hopefully it is obvious that virtually every album The Black Keys releases almost nearly a solo album, at least minus the percussion of Patrick Carney... who is a brilliant drummer and adds a great deal to The Black Keys sound. BUT it just struck me as comical that Dan Auerbach put out this album.

From the sounds of it, Dan has kept pretty close to the formula that has brought The Black Keys to where they are. He might have slowed it down a little with, Trouble Weighs a Ton, but for the most part this is true Black Keys. The only difference is the thundering drums that are missing...

Dan is playing a couple of shows around, make sure to catch him, if anything to see him include playing, lead, rhythm, bass, keys and now adding drums to the instruments he commands on stage!

The whole album is streaming on his myspace.

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