Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Welcome: Adeline

As you can see from the last post, Jeffrey and I have added another write thus making it, Jeffrey, Adeline and I. I am really exited to have Adeline writing for ...and music will set you free, she has great insight into a the abstract of music and mostly has a great way of expressing it. SO in here own words: Adeline!

There is this thing about strange sounding things. Some people are clever enough to put them together. Some people are clever enough to make strange sounds out of them. And then some people are clever enough to call it music. Fortunately for those people, there are those who are suckers for such things. Unfortunately for me, I am one of those suckers. I say unfortunate because I have decided that, these strange sounding sounds, they're all what my life is worth living for. They;re like born of unicorns and raptors. Taste like caviar and crackers. Sized of planes and helicopters.
Hello. My name is Adeline. I like strange music.

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