Monday, February 02, 2009

The Hold Steady - Atlantic City (Bruce Springsteen Cover)

OMG!!!!! I have been uncontrollably excited to hear this song since I first heard the rumors of it (see my previous post on the new War Child Comp). This is the kind of track that dreams are made of. The Hold Steady definitely owe a lot to The Boss for their sound, and Bruce Springsteen has publicly announced his love for these Twin City boys. Here, Bruce asked The Hold steady to cover his track Atlantic City (off of the excellent demo album Nebraska). The Hold Steady recorded a fleshed out version that the boss just as easily could have done if he had decided to give Nebraska a full studio recording. When the music drops out and the harmonies kick up, it gives me the chills. Epic track.

Also, if you missed it, Bruce put on a great half time show at the Superbowl yesterday. How is he still performing that well at 60?!
10th avenue Freeze Out, Born To Run, Working On A Dream

Glory Days

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Aaron Smith said...

That's an awesome track! I can't think of every being a Bruce Springsteen fan, but after hearing that I may have to rethink it... His superbowl performance just didn't do it for me. I may have to relisten without the visual. Old guys with earrings disturb me :o