Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly...

I wish I could review every band I think deserves it, unfortunately there just isn't enough time in my life for that. So I have decided to include this list: The Next Semi Popular Thing... (don't forget the ellipse). I'm not sure how often I will do this, it depends on how much I'm following new music and how much time I have. My goal is to do it once every two weeks... I am more then happy to take suggestions.

Death Vessel
Genre: Acoustic/Freak Folk
Rhode Island
Why? His latest album has already recieved positive critical merit and it just came out. He's been touring like crazy and even had a little stint with Jose Gonzales. Subpop is really pushing this album and so something must be telling them it going to be big.

Jukebox the Ghost
Genre: Nintendo Pop
Washington DC
Why? People are already comparing these guys to the likes of Tokyo Police Club, Ra Ra Riot and other nintendo pop groups. Their debut album is a great album, a little undirected but still really good. They also get compared to Bens Fold Five a lot, and I would agree on that level more then Tokyo Police Club and Ra Ra Riot.

Best Friends Forever
Genre: Indie Pop/Progressive
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Why? Brilliant pop song writing, incessant touring and they are currently being pushed pretty heavily by one of the biggest underground/indie promoters in the Brooklyn/Williamsburge area,
Todd P, he's notorious for finding hot bands and grooming them for lack of a better word (Animal Collective, MGMT, Yeasayer).

The Dutchess and The Duke
Genre: Soul/Acoustic
Seattle, Washington
Why? A duo can be a hard sell sometimes. Duos like She and Him (Zooey Deschanel & M Ward) barely survive off the heels of their solo careers. But The Dutchess and Dutch are going to remind people of early Velvet Underground and they are going to like it!

What Laura Says Thinks and Feels
Genre: Roots/Indie
Phoenix, Arizona
Why? Sure they are from Phoenix and I've taken a little bit of a liking to these guys, BUT, they have amazing talent and musicianary. They have the organic sound that has made, Band of Horses and Fleet Foxes so popular. Weather you like it or not, these guys are going somewhere.

Noah and the Whale
Genre: Folk Rock
London, England
Why? They are on a major label for one thing. Their music has been featured on some commercials (Volkswagen). I don't think I need to explain why British Pop become popular in america.

The So So Glos
Genre: New Wave/Punk
Brooklyn, New York
Why? Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn... how many more bands can you handle. I suppose as long the townies keep supporting local venues, heroin and the bands the music will just keep pilling in! These guys are great... really!

Genre: Indie/Pop
Brooklyn, New York
Why? Well as much as I hate reading Nate Ruess self indulging emails and as disappointed as I was when I heard the Format split, I have to admit, Nate knows how to write a song and mostly he knows how to surround himself with fantasitc musicians (Anathallo). Apparently, Fun already has a tour planned opening for
Jack's Mannequin.

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