Friday, September 19, 2008

The Good, The Bad & the Ugly

You'll have to forgive me for having no pictures, I've been having a gross amount of computer problems... and I have been super busy. By the time this is posted I will be on my way to San Diego. I meant to post about the Dr. Dog concert and will try to next week. At any rate, there are some great groups below!

John Thill
Genre: Indie Pop
Los Angeles, CA
Why? He is one of the tightest in the tape revolution. Great songs about significant stuff, and insifnificant stuff.

Genre: Soul / Rock
San Antonio, TX
Why? I asked Rene the singer/bass player what his biggest influence was; you'd think I would have asked him the meaning of life! He went on and on about the Zombies, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis and other late 50's groups. Thats why!

Genre: Experimental / Pop
Heaven, CA
Why? His latest album (White Sunrise) has taken him 5 years to finish and is a self proclaimed master piece... and it is! you can only get it through his myspace, at shows and at his record labels website. Find it, please!

Anni Rossi
Genre: Italian Pop / Freestyle
Chicago, IL
Why? A little pop... even Italian Pop, not the italian soda, but pop, can go a long way!

Stephen Steinbrink / French Quarter
Genre: Folk / Broke
Tucson, AZ
Why? If his self titles LP is not in my top 10 this year, it will at least be in the top 25.

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