Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Foot Ox and Bri White : Farewell Concert @ Trunk Space

Teague Cullum (Foot Ox) and Bri White are moving to Oregon and are having a farewell show on the 23rd of January... The Trunk Space website says that it will be a CD release but I'm not sure the who is releasing what. There is a pretty hefty local line up. Don't miss this one!

Foot Ox
: Bri White
:: Andrew Jaskson Jihad
::: Stephen Steinbrink  (French Quarter)
:::: Nick Eymann

I find myself a little depressed at the fact that these two are leaving the Valley... both are two of my favorite local acts. Teague has contributed and collaborated with so many local musicians that he will be missed. Not to mention Distant Colony... I suppose to will move to Oregon with Teague...

I will post the concert art as soon as it is available.

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