Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dan Deacon : Brooklyn Masonic Temple

Those of you who have speculated about Dan Deacon's Talent as an artist, musician or performer please watch these videos. P4K just put up these two video of Dan Deacon at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple... this is what they had to say about it.

Baltimore's Dan Deacon, the MacGyver of electronic blips and beeps, recently gathered members of Ponytail, So Percussion, and other local noisemakers to assist him in debuting new material from the Spiderman of the Rings follow-up Bromst. From a stage drenched in darkness, Deacon and his band of various percussionists take their time bringing the first track, "Snookered", to life. Emerging from a swirl of drums, glockenspiels, and Deacon's trademark 8-bit synths, the rhythms finally coalesce as Deacon takes his place downstage among his fans-- who by now are ready to dance. In fact they hardly allow Deacon space to develop the next track, "Surprise Stefani", goading him on with their own beats of handclaps, stomps, and shouts. - P4K

I caught Dan Deacon at the modified last June for on of the more brilliant shows I've participated in... I say participated because it felt a lot like that. 

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