Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ben Kweller Goes Americana? Slash... WHAT?

I suppose I should have seen this coming for a couple of years. Maybe the natural order for all Texans is; indie rock, classis, Americana... if that is the case then Ben Kweller's next album should be a collection of lounge songs on accordion.

Honestly though, Ben Kweller's new album 'Changing Horses' has the making of being a strange collection of Patsy Cline remakes. Nothing against Patsy in her day, but for the kid who coined the phrase, 'Sha Sha' at the age of 19, I guess I was expecting something a little different from a now 27 year old. I mean, 27 is young... and should still Rock, right?

Okay okay, I'm ranting now. To be honest, I think it is quite brilliant how Ben continues to reinvent himself on every album. And some of the tunes he is putting out now are quite lovely and mature compared to his earlier stuff. Some of the songs he wrote when he was 19 and 20, but never found a place for them until now. So for HUGE Kweller fans this is a real treat.

I guess I see this as a premature aging of someone who had vaguely figured out how to right a quality indie song. But that is just my opinion... check out the album, it comes out Feb 3. But 4 of the new tunes are available on Daytrotter.

Official Site - really funny video introduction...
Myspace  - Pre Order Changing Horses