Saturday, January 03, 2009

[NATIONAL] Takka Takka : Day Trotter

Around the time Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah was making a big splash into the indie music scene there was another little group from the same "side" of Manhattan named Takka Takka that was sort of a small peice of drift wood on the surface. Early 2006 they self-released a little EP, Fall Apart Art... the EP was avalible free via their website.

Soon an LP followed, then some changes in the band line up... I think when word got out that Sean Greenhalgh (CYHSY) was going to produce Takka Takka's album from this last year, a lot of people wrote it off seeing that CYHSY's 2007 effort was more of the largest disappointments of the year. However, Migration turned out to be a large critical step forward for the band... for starters, it was the first album that was not self-released and second, it had a much more mature sound.

Now 5 months after its release, Takka Takka finds it way onto Daytrotter. It is great to see reconigtion going to a group that was tied so closely to the subsequent deterioration of CYHSY. Let hope when CYHSY gets back on top, Takka Takka can be there, standing on their own.

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