Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Andrew Jackson Jihad / Cobra Skulls - Under The Influence Split

Andrew Jackson Jihad just announced a couple of compilations they are involved with. Some pretty exiting stuff if you ask me... thought it appears that only two of these three compilations they are involved in are available.


Sun, Smog, and Hate , the Phoenix/LA compilation available on Folktales. Artist on this record are: Andrew Jackson Jihad, Asleep In the Sea, Clark 8, Foot Ox, French Quarter, I.E., John Thill, Splinter Cake, Voice on Tape, & Whitman.


You can pre-order AJJ split with Cobra Skull... at Vinyl Collective. This is the 6th Volume of, Under the Influence, Vinyl Collective has done... some of the past compilations include: Fake Problems/Look Mexico, Whiskey & Co./Ninja Gun, Mustard Plug/Bomb The Music, Teenage Bottlerocket/Ergs, Drag The River/Jeff Black.

The concept of this album is the musician cover music by bands that have influenced them... AND I couldn't be more exited about Andrew Jackson Jiha's cover of one of the more influential groups in my life: Neutral Milk Hotel' Two Headed boy. Check out AJJ's myspace to listen to the song!


AJJ talks about another split they are doing with Apocalypse Meow... and some songs they worked on with Stephen Steinbrink... I'll keep an eye out for more information about this one.

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