Monday, January 12, 2009

Fizzle Promotions, A Quarterly Concern @ Trunk Space : Sun, Smog, And Hate LP release

Fizzle Promotions, A Quarterly Concern @ Trunk Space

: Whitman 
:: Prom Some Book
::: The Unconscious Daryl Scariot
:::: Serrows
::::: Probably
::::::: Michael Wasmund
:::::::: Porches
::::::::: Treasure Mammal
::::::::: Whale Bones
:::::::::: Karmetics 
::::::::::: Skinwalkers
:::::::::::: Emporer X

I've mentioned the importance of Fizzle Promotions the sister company to Tiny Panda Records, to local music. Well this is the 10th quarterly concert, highlighting many great local musicians and some not so local. It is the release show for a collaboration LP called, Sun, Smog, And Hate... put out by Folktale . Here is what they have to say about it:

After ending the year on this note, we will be starting the new one on an equally as good one. January marks the release of the long awaited “Sun, Smog, and Hate” LP. This record consists of five Los Angeles based bands (Whitman, John Thill, Voice on Tape, Clark 8, and I.E.) and five Phoenix based bands (Foot Ox, Splinter Cake, French Quarter, Andrew Jackson Jihad, and Asleep in the Sea), each playing pop songs, negatively themed in nature. The Lp’s are on black vinyl with gold on black center labels, that come in hand screened sleeves with a Lakers/Suns color scheme and awesome artwork done by Brian Bloomerth (Narwhalz). There will be a release show in each city for it and the information for those are as follows…

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