Friday, January 16, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

It has been a while since I posted a Good, Bad and Ugly list, which is really just a list of groups that are worth watching, or listening too... I'm going to try to do this more often, but for some reason it is one of the more time consuming post I make, so forgive me if they only come every now and then.

San Fran, California
Why? This show was one the other top 10 I wend to this last year... there were only a couple of us there which was nice because it was at the Manor (SMALL). Anyway, Pitchfork somehow got a hold of there LP (er, not sure I can call it that with a running time of 16 min) that came out the end of November... and gave it a favorable review (7.6). Suck! I know.

Raleigh, North Carolina
Why? They just declared myspace message bankruptcy. AND they released a great album last year that was talked highly of by their fellow musicians (Bon Iver, Elbow ect...). They have another one in the works that should be as good if not better.

The Bees
Why? I love soul music... Otis Redding, Al Green... you name it, I love it. I particularly like indie soul fusion. AND The Bees are just that.

Why? This is a weird mix of High Places, Cat Power and Bat For Lashes. With a mythological twist of carnival music.

Denver, Colorado
Why? They just signed with local record company, Gilgongo. They have a very ambient sound, very electonic but their is worthy substance there. I like it, in its own weird way.

Khalid Melkchurch
Phoenix, Arizona
Why? This is the new project or side project for Julio Cesar, Guitarist and front man for My Feral Kin. The link is to My Feral Kin becuase I can't find a link to Khalid Melkchurch, but he has been playing around a little.

The Old Believers
Portland, Oregan
Why? Listen to Ganny's Song... this is the group She & Him should have been.

Montreal, Quebec
Why? I really love these guys and alot of Canadian groups just can't go wrong these days. They have a huge US tour from now to May. Get out there and catch these guys.

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