Monday, January 19, 2009

Fleet Foxes on SNL

It's interesting to me how Subpop records protects its musicians, coddles them in a way, until the world, or it is expectable for them to be national. I think this dates all the way back from Nirvana to The Shins and now Fleet Foxes . Just when it is seems like a complete disaster for a musician or group to perform on SNL, Subpop makes a bold move and puts Fleet Foxes in front of one of he larger TV audiences. And what do they do... hit on out of the ball park. I love this move for so many reasons: one, it shows Subpop's trust in Fleet Foxes' ability to capture the audience. Two, it show SNL's willingness to reach out to an audience that they have lost over the last couple of years. Lastly, it shows bit of a shift in what is considered popular in music.

This is the video of the show. I'm not sure how long this link will last, let me know if it stops working and I will find a new one!.... thanks.

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