Monday, January 19, 2009

Andrew Jackson Jihad / Ghost Mice : Split LP

Possible on of the more unique groups to hale from the Phoenix area is a anarchy folk punk bands called Andrew Jackson Jihad . In 2007 they got together with the traveling carnival act Ghost Mice to put out a split LP, on Plant-IT-X records. I love this little split and have wanted to post about it for a while... and finally thanks to MLK I have the time to.

Both of these bands have a such a DIY feel. Ghost Mice went completely acoustic a couple of years ago and its reflected in this recording. AJJ has been creating music on a DIY level in Phoenix for a long time now. Both bands address very aggressive political, religious and sociocultural topics. From music that you might expect lyrics about fluffy little rabbits and rainbows, you have lyrics about social corruption, political oppression, war and lose... but taken from a satirical yet serious view.

One of the best moments on this slip is when each of the bands covers one of the other bands songs. AJJ covers; Lightning Bolt about a man who looses his job because of corruption with in the church system. Ghost Mice covers; Survival... only when AJJ normal samples Woody Guthrie, Ghost Mice samples The Cure. Both songs are a brilliant moment of the LP... really connecting both groups in a communal fashion.

Below are a couple of places to get this record. I highly recommend it.

12" Vinyl

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