Friday, January 09, 2009

Phosphorescent : To Willie / other new album?

One of the more progressive folk groups right now is Phosphorescent... or more precisely Matthew Houck. I wouldn't compare him to the Sam Beam of Iron and Wine although a collaboration of the two would be fascinating, at least to me (hint hint).

Phosphorescent's new album, To Willie a tribute to Willie Nelson, is due out Feb 3... but Pitchfork has "Reasons to Quit" one of the songs off the new album available. You can also listen to it on Phorphorescent's myspace which is linked to above. I’ll be honest I was very skeptical of this project and I still am… but knowing Matthews ability to transfer an abstract outlook on music onto anything he touches gives me comfort. However, if this album is disappointing, find comfort in knowing that a second one is in the works (myspace blog). I wouldn’t be surprised if it came out this year. At any rate new material is sure to spawn from the tour that is forthcoming.

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