Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Introducing: Tall Firs

I came across this Brooklyn group a little while ago and have meant to post about them ever since. They have a kind of barrel slowly rolling down a hill type sound... certainly their are some influences form The National there. But this group does a great job at crafting cool, chill songs that grab your attention, only to build to a quiet riot.

The two albums that they have released are a building discography...

Their self-titled debut is a nice little lo-fi album with moments of greatness and potential. Their second album, To Old To Die Young released 3/08, brought a more refined Tall Firs... the production was tighter, song writing was more precise.

With the on slot of Brooklyn bands it is hard sometimes to find what you are looking for. Though Tall Firs is not on the for front of music expression like many of their Brooklyn neighbors, they are certainly doing something great.

Tall Firs - Myspace

Hairdo - mp3
Secrets and Lies - mp3
So Messed Up - mp3
Buddy/Baby - mp3
The Woods - mp3

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