Friday, January 23, 2009

Chairlift - Day Trotter Session

Everyone remember the summer of 2007... it was the summer Feist's song 1234 was in the Nano Commercial. The commercial virtually catapulted Feist into pop music fame. One year later in the summer of 2008, Apple again turns to indie music to show off their new products line... the below video is of Chairlift a Brooklyn based Synth-pop band (Whatever that means). All though Chairlift has not received the boost feist received from apple, they are certainly a noteworthy group. There release, Does You Inspire You... from last September is a nice sophomore work, first with a label. They land somewhere between Bat For Lashes and the Dirty Dancing sound track, but with out patrick swayze singing.

Just last Tuesday, Chairlift stopped off at DayTrotter and gave us a couple of wonderful little songs... including a new track inspired in some way by an italian neighbor of Caroline's.

Songs include:
Le Flying Saucer Hat
Planet Health
Somewhere Around Here
Download them here

PS... these guys are also heading out on tour with Peter Bjorn and John this spring!

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