Thursday, October 09, 2008

What happens in Salt Lake City stays in Salt Lake City, unfortunately.

This morning, for no particular reason, I started listening to the kind of music that breathes in the heart of the west. It is also the kind of music that speaks to my sole in a sad solemn way... maybe because I was born in the west and so my heart will always be tied to the mountains and the desert that reside there. The songs that float from the mountains like the great hot air balloons of Albuquerque, will always make me laugh, love and live. But this post is not about Albuquerque, although there is some great music that has come out of Albuquerque... this post is about Salt Lake City... or rather, in the words of the locals, the Wasatch Front.

A year and a half ago I was coming out a sickness, not the physical type, but the type that is involved with emotion... I will spare the details, suffice it to say that it had something to do with a girl. I made friends with another girl and started to date her, looking back it might have been better to remain just friends with this girl, but its all water under the bridge now. For whatever reason my involvement with this girl got me re interested in music, or the exploration of it. This was the circumstance that led be to the Modified sometime in mid June 2007 to see Band of Annuals.

There are not a great number of people outside of the Wasatch Front who have heard of Band of Annuals... but those of us who have, sing the sweet praises of the soft fire-light glow that they are. It is unfortunate that BOA is not on the road with the likes of Ryan Adams (for one thing Ryan doesn't tour with people any more... BOO!), Wilco, My Morning Jacket or even Dr. Dog. But the Wasatch Front is not known for its music scene, unless you want to count the Osmond's... and I don't. So BOA never makes it too far out of Utah... occasionally hitting Colorado, Arizona Idaho and California. However, this doesn't deplete from the beautiful music produced by these 6 alt/country truests.

Their album, Let Me Live (2007) was among the top 5 on my year end list in 2007. That fateful concert is probably one of the more insightful in my concert attending career. Luckily BOA will be in town again on Oct 27th at the Modified... make the time get get to this show if you! and check out their website, and buy their music and tell your friends and so on and so on.

The Wasatch Front

However, I would be doing the Wasatch Front an injustice is I didn't mention a couple of other incredible bands coming from that area: Here is the short list.

David Williams
I saw David with BOA last Dec... he was the grungy, bearded homeless looking guy. He had some old Gibson guitar that was worn and tattered. But when he sang it was brilliant. I bought his EP, each CD case had a different cover that was drawn by David! He is kind of Elliot Smith meets Conor Oberst.

The Black Hens
This is actually David Williams band... great group, they do a lot of the same songs David does, only with more instruments.

Ru Ru
His Debut album was released June 3rd. Great stuff but kind of a clone of Joshua James.

Joshua James
I have mentioned Josh before... but couldn't leave him out. He is really the brain child of North Platte Records and I think the owner of the record or at least a large contributor. He is originally for North Platte Nebraska. He was just touring with David Gray which is a big deal in my book. He's got a great voice and a passionate way of writing music.

Man this guy can write a song. And he has such a pure delivery.

Wendy Ohlwiler
Great voice and organic sound. He reminds me a little of an early Jolie Holland.

The Devil Whale
I'm going to see them tonight! The Coldplay with a slide guitar of the Wasatch Front.

I know I have said a lot of incomplete things in this post. Please forgive me for that.
"Don’t confront me with my failures I had not forgotten them." - Jackson Browne

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