Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bishop Allen / New Album / Tour / Phoenix, Maybe?

I just got an email from Bishop Allen (the mass sort) today updating everyone on their new album and upcoming tour. Here is what they had to say:

Hey everyone!

This is just a quick email to let you know we're about to go on a U.S. Tour, playing new songs from our upcoming record. We're almost done with it (working title: Grrr...) and it's awesome. It'll be out in mid-February on Dead Oceans.

Actually, I'm in the mixing studio right now, trying to distract myself from my own backing vocals on loop. Anyhow, there are many sweet jams about to be coming your way. Fair warning.

Info on the whole tour, with links to tickets, is here:
Bishop Allen

And here's a list of shows:

Nov 1 // Washington D.C. @ the Black Cat

Nov 2 // Chapel Hill @ Local 506

Nov 5 // Norman @ The Opolis

Nov 7 // Denton @ Hailey's

Nov 8 // Austin @ Fun Fun Fun Fest

Nov 10 // La Jolla / UCSD @ The Loft

Nov 11 // Los Angeles @ The Echo

Nov 12 // San Francisco @ The Independent

Nov 14 // Salt Lake City @ Kilby Court

Nov 15 // Denver @ Hi-Dive

Nov 16 // Ames, IA @ M Shop <

Nov 17 // Chicago @ Subterranean

Nov 18 // Bloomington @ Bear's Place Nov 19 // Gambier, OH @ Horn's Gallery // free

Nov 20 // Cambridge, MA @ Middle East Downstairs

Nov 21 // Swarthmore @ Olde Club

Nov 22 // Brooklyn @ The Music Hall of Williamsburg
Tickets// 18+

Nov 23 // Brooklyn @ The Music Hall of Williamsburg
Tickets// 16+

See you guys soon.
We're really excited about this tour and the new record. We will always be,

Your band,

Bishop Allen

First off... YAY for the new album!
Second, if you scanned the tour dates you noticed that there are no plans to come to phoenix. But if you looked close enough you saw something that might have given you hope. Between Austin Nov 8th and La Jolla (San Diego) Nov 9th there is one day. What else is between Austin and La Jolla? Oh yeah! Phoenix! I have subsequently send the following email to Bishop Allen:

You should stop in pheonix on the 9th betweet Austin and La Jolla, you can stay at my house... all of you! and you can play at modified art ( as there is nothing there on the 9th! Just an idea...
: ),
that being said, I'm really exited for the new album! You'd mentioned at one of the shows that you might put out an EP this fall? Just checking...

Thanks for the great music and shows!


I then sent the following message to the Modified:


Thought I would give you guys a little heads up, Bishop Allen is touring next month and will be in Austin on Nov 8th and San Diego on Nov 10th. I thought they might be a nice fit at the Modified on the 9th? I checked your schedule and there was nothing there at that time... Anyway, thought I might let you guys know:

Thanks for bring great music and art to the Valley!

Preston Smith

I am really exited about the new Bishop Allen album. For those of you who read my sister's blog she posted a wonderful review of the movie Nick and Norahs Infinite Playlist and the sound track. Bishop Allen played a significant role in the movie and the soundtrack.

I would say that Bishop Allen is an up and coming back, but I believe they are already there.

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Tessa said...

First I have to say that the rest of the people in the writing center are giving me very odd looks because of my loud laughter while reading this post! I thought the part about them staying at your house was particularly great! Way to put the anaciative out there to get B-A here! Also, seeing Bishop Allen is one of my life goals and I am rather sure it will help to strengthen my soul... so thank you for your effort to save your sisters inner self.

I am wicked excited for the new album! YEAH!