Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Street Scene Day One

Finally, after a month I have some pictures from Street Scene to show off. Most of these slash all of them are not my pictures. So I must give credit to Afton Willis and Michelle Layton. I will try to review as I go with out adding too much useless information becuase lets me honest, if there are pictures why read the commentary?


Though one of my favorite moments of the weekend was during the MGMT set, these guys were not up to par. They looked, felt and sounded awkward on stage. Granted the sound at this stage was horrible... but MGMT really needs to work on their set, what might have worked in Williamsburge 2 years ago, is just not going to cut it on the festival circut.

The New Pornographers

This was a really classic TNP set, Carl Newman was his typical chatty self and the set was tight and well orchestrated, not much on the improvisational side but very good non the less.

Cat Power

This was one of the more dissappointing parts of the weekend. For Char's 45 min set the sound crew just couldn't get it right. The bass was too loud, vocals only in the monitor, guitar ear piercing. And all the while Char crawling along the stage in her ever natural quorky way.

Vampire Weekend

Let me tell you, these guys have come a long way in popularity since summer 07 at the Modified and last December at an even smaller local club. But there shows are pretty much the same, typical prep-pop/nintendo-pop show. The sing-a-long songs were adequately sung-a-long to; it would be nice to have the band agnolage that by allowing them to take over the singing a little.

The Crew

Afton, Michelle, Rachelle, Preston

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