Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Release of the Week: The Decemberists - Always the Bridesmaid: A Singles Series Vol 1

If anything this weeks release means that The Decemberists are working again. After their 2006 release, Crane Wife, the band vowed to take a break... and last summer when they cancelled a tour because one of the members had a "sickness" that needed to be taken care of, I think a lot of us feared we would never see another Decemberists album. We were pacified slightly with the Colin Meloy sing along album... but only barely. Then in Aug they announced that they were going to release a series of singles albums... of which Always the Bridesmaid: A Singles Series Vol 1 is the first.

Colin has said in the past that Crane Wife was more of a production then The Decemberists are use to and that on the next album they would tone it down and go back to their roots a little more. These first two singles are true to that, while they still hold a little bit of Crane Wife.

So while there might be a couple of other albums out there that I can recommend this week, I'm going to stick to this one because it marks the being of a new Decemberists Album!

Vol 2 is due out Nov 4th and Vol 3 is due out Dec 2.

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Tessa said...

I knew there was something missing in my life and you have reminded me about the DECEMBERISTS! That is it... I need my Decemberists! Thanks for the reminder!