Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Release of the Week: Hospital Ships - Oh, Ramona

Hospital Ships - Oh, Ramona

Projects, Project, Projects everywhere. It seems like that is really one of the themes within the ever evolving indie scene, if you can refer to it as indie any more, really it is some convoluted pale reminder that there use to be music that wasn't driven by a record label, thus independent (indie) from anyone. Those people still exist, but not with in the genre that is considered indie (we can thank pitchfork for that). I'm venting, sorry. Minus Story's Jordan Geiger, has a new project and its name is Hospital Ships. If you don't know Jordan from Minus Story, maybe you know him from Shearwater, the former side project turned main project of Jonathan Meiburg of Okkervil River. Deep breath... ... hopefully you're following me. It seems that jumping from one project to another until something really sticks is a good idea but at some expense to each little project, I feel like some people are treating each of their projects like Ryan Adam treats each of his albums; he/they just can't wait to get to the next thing.

So why would I include this album on my Release of the Week? Because it is a damn good album. Jordan's work with Minus Story and Shearwater are both present on this album.

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