Monday, October 20, 2008

Chinese Stars @ Trunk Space, Tonight!

This is one of those truely rare shows that you'll be kicking youself for ages if you don't go!
Chinese Stars @ The Trunk Space
7:00 PM
w/ El Paso Hot Botton, Get Down To Brass Tacks, Fathers Day


addy said...

i cant believe they were in phoenix. this makes me want to tear my hair out for not keeping up w/ myspazz.

Preston Smith said...

yes, this was a very unigue show... good unique, not weird of bad unique. i'm sure they will be back sometime.

addy said...

haha i am pretty sure the word you're looking for is somewhere along the lines of strange and freaky. i used to be a huge fan of these guys baaaaack in the day when they were arab on radar. but really. i do understand. not many can actually appreciate this type of music. lol.