Saturday, October 18, 2008

Folktales and Folk Tales

Folktale is a record distributor that I have come to really admire for a couple of reasons. One, they distribute a couple of really great local bands that I have spoken highly of; Foot Ox, Uggamugga, Stellaluna and of course Bri White. Two, in the mist of a electronic musical revolution, Folktale is distributing, vinyl, cassettes, and CD-R. Lastly, nearly all the music they distribute is progressive, inventive and great!

All of the musicians and labels they work with are in the DYI scene, struggling around the country with Help Book schedules, or not even venturing past the confines of their own community. These are the true champagne's of the DIY scene, not MGMT and their pop music disguised under the genre of neo-hippie.

Just yesterday I got Whitman's LP White Sunrise. It was one of the more interesting music purchases I've made in my life. The art of the record was drawn on the inside of another record, Westside Story, a record I actually own. Included in the package was a CD-R of the album, a booklet and a little peice of cloth with the Whitman written on it. Ofcourse this display matches the music of Whitman to a T.

I'm not saying the music distributed by Folktale is for everyone. Not everyone will appreciate it, but at least its something that should be considered.

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