Friday, October 17, 2008

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Here are a couple of groups that I am enjoying right now. As usual the list gets more and more adventures towards the bottom, so those of you who are a little more on the wild side go straight to the bottom. If your more conservative start with Drive-By Truckers... you'll fall in love with them as I have!

Drive-By Truckers
Athens, Georgia
Genre: Indie / Southern Rock
Why? Booking a co-headlining tour with The Hold Steady is nothing to joke about. These guys have been around long enough that everyone should give them a listen.
A Ghost To Most-Video

Copenhagen, Denmark
Genre: Alternative / Rock / Folk
Why? They have a great appearance at SXSW this last year and just put out a fantasic EP! Arcade Fire meets

High Places
Brooklyn, NY
Genre: Surf / Hardcore / Trance
Why? I feel like I always need to have a token Brooklyn/Williamsburge group here. These guys were in town a couple of weeks ago and put on a great show. Please watch the video that they use to discribe what their music sounds like!

Olympia, WA
Genre: A'cappella / Bossa Nova
Why? This cool little group just released another album, "Oh, the Places We’ll Go" - to coin Dr Seuss.

Little Teeth
San Francisco, California
Genre: Melodramatic Popular Song
Why? Absolute Kosher doesn't miss often. And they aren't missing here.

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