Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Release of the Week: Mount Eerie - Lost Wisdom

Mount Eerie - Lost Wisdom
Along the great expanse of music, there are dozens and dozens of record labels that are just that, "record labels"... the antithesis being, obviously, CD companies or rather mp3 companies. The bands who float along this sphere stay close to the earth, content with lo-fi music and the simplest means of production. They make strange music and their performances are often stranger. Those that are crawling on the underground of this scene meet in a Dean & Sal'ist style, on porches and couches across the catacombs of America. Okay, I'm vamping... This week I want to highlight a collaboration of three of these pioneers: Julie Doiron, Fred Squire (Eric's trip) and Phil Elverum (Mount Eerie), playing under the name Mount Eerie.

Elverum has been a huge fan of Eric's Trip and Julie Doiron for years and finally had the chance to meet them in between one of their tours. Of course a recording session in sued! Before long the three had a dozen sounds loosely recorded which in the record/tape world constitutes a record. Which brings us to present day, the release of Lost Wisdom!

Here is where you can get this album: Don't miss it. It's night listening... but good night listening.


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