Friday, October 03, 2008

Ra Ra Riot @ the Modified


This was the second time I caught Ra Ra Riot at the modified. The first time there about 15 of us... but we had fun. This time there were over 100! I think the band was pretty exited to see such a large fan growth in only 6 months. All 6 of them huddled on to the little stage at modified and played their hearts out. Wes Miles (vocalist) was wearing the coolest tie dye Yoda shirt... I actually found the image: Its to the left if you hadn't figured that out yet.

See Ra Ra Riot live is a lot like seeing Tokyo Police Club... most of the experience is about what you put into it; but then the quantitative aspect of what people put into it varies. But I generally judge how much people put into it by how much they are dancing and/or singing. I could be wrong / probably am.

One thing is for sure, Ra Ra Riot gives you no excuse to sit back and just watch... they performed with the same enthusiasm and energy for 15 as they do for the 100+. Wes, coyly made jokes that missed for the most part, but were genuine, so he was able to win over the audience despite his lack of humor.

The ladies were also very energetic in their roles. Rebecca danced avaunt-garde style on her side and as the music intensified she gazed up into the sky. I'm pretty sure no one has rocked harder on the Cello then Alexandra, including Yo Yo Ma! The energy of these two was contagious.

If I had one qualm with the experience it was the family that planted themselves center stage front row and then didn't move! (I was right behind them) I have nothing against families coming to show like this, or even being in the front row. But if you're going to be as bold as to plant yourself up there... you'd better be ready. Instead the family, emotionlessly watched, occasionally clapping or leaning one way or the other (I think they thought this was dancing). Mid show the two kids (10 and 13) sat down! I mean, just plopped down right there in the front row... I was uphauled and started clapping and screaming in protest; and then mom had the nerve to look back and glare at me! Soon however, the 10 year old girl with the vampire weekend tee-shirt (3 sizes to big) got up and informed her mom that she was tired and they left. Okay, okay I have taken my 5 min and will speak no more of this matter.

Don't miss Ra Ra Riot if you get a chance... they are touring small venues right now, but won't be for too much longer... so see them at all cost.

On a side note, The Morning Benders opened the show. I was a little late and didn't get to see them but I talked to them after. They are a young group out of San Fransico with a lot of promise. Their debut album: Talking Through Tin Cans is really a great album, check it out if you get a chance. They are really young and from talking to them that was pounded home even more but they have played with some incredible musicians; Yo La Tengo, Death cab For Cutie, The Kooks, MGMT, Grand Archives, Yeasayer, Two Gallants, The Rosebuds, Au Revoir Simone, and White Rabbits.

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Sandra said...

Ok Preston, I'm ready to give you my evaluation of the music you gave me for the road trip. I like them all, for different reasons. Calixico is nice, he has a soft voice and I do enjoy the latin instrumentals he throws in now and then. I will listen to it again.
Delta Spirit was refreshing, I liked that it is upbeat. His voice seems familiar and I like it so I have it in my CD player in the car so I can get familiar with the songs and sing along. I like them.
Horsefeather is not something I should listen to while trying to get my enthusiasm up for cleaning, but it is great for chill. I, like you, loved how they used the instruments to blend everything together, it is amazing. I especially enjoyed the violin. It was a treat to hear them and I will listen to them when I want to relax, and put Delta Spirit on for the cleaning session. Thanks for sharing the new music with me. I like getting acquainted with the new artists.