Saturday, August 16, 2008

Two Nights of The Octopus Project

About 4 years ago I ran across an instrumental band named The Octopus Project, I listened to some of their stuff briefly and decided that it might just be a little too “out there” for me… and because I thought this I determined that I needed to buy the CD, so I did. Identification Parade was a coy album to say the least, with songs like Rorol, Crying at the Aquarium and Porno Disaster and instrumentation ranging from the Theremin to the Glockenspiel (“you’ll play the Glockenspiel and I’ll play the Drums”… 10 dollars to whom ever can guess that song reference) and everything in between. When One Ten Hundred Thousand Million came out, I bought it and listened with a bit more affection then I did Identification Parade. And finally, last October; Hello, Avalanche was released and I was finally ready.

That was a long lead in: here you go.

Monday, Mindi Peterson and I headed over to the Rhythm Room to see The Octopus Project for the first time. (First time, because last year I didn’t go for some lame excuse, like I was getting back together with a girl that I had been on break with for 2 weeks… not that but something lame like that) The Rhythm room is a nice little place, dark, compact and wide. The crowd was split into two sections, 21+ and underage. Once the band got their piles of equipment set up, the Christmas lights and ghost costumes on the speakers, they had a very modest introduction and then off went the show. An orgy of sound exploded into the crowd and the varies spectators began to express themselves in varying ways according to their diverse desires. I began to dance as the music moved me… two people in front of me was Grey Shirt the obvious alpha-dancer in the room, to my left was Gimp Leg and directly in front of me was Lame Butte Green Shirt and The Photographer. The Photographer was intent on catching the perfect shot of the band and therefore was not dancing and his friend, Lame Butte Green Shirt, was matching his energy or rather lack of. Soon Gimp Leg, grabbed my shoulder in the mists of my movement and commented that he would have me cut off one of Lame Butte Green Shirt or The Photographers legs so the he could dance the dance that his heart yearned for. All the while Grey Shirt was totally engrossed in the music and I could feel his energy, even through Lame Butte and The Photographer. Then I saw my opportunity and slid up next to Grey Shirt... Ah then I could really dance in an uninhibited spastic manner. There we were, Grey Shirt and I... leading the crowd, taunting them. Before we knew it the set neared an end and with a raging furry they ended with one of favorite songs truck.

The next night, I did it all over again. Leaving for Tucson at 8pm... and returning right after the concert.

Okay, so it is obvious that I live to elaborate, but to be honest this band puts on one of the best shows I have seen. if you get a chance spend the $10 it cost to go see them! Seriously Incredible!
This is the show I missed last year, for some unexplainable reason. Blogger wont let me show the Youtube Video here, but here is the link! Please notice the sweet video in the back ground! and Josh flying back and forth across the stage!
Truck at the Modified
This is a great video of them in Seattle, It shows Yvonne playing the Theremin!
The Octopus Project


Sandra said...

Ok, so I can see you and gray shirt dancing the night away, somewhat the picture I have of you at your sisters wedding, so I'm sure that all the while Mindy was enjoying the music, and probably entertained by all of those surrounding her!

Tessa said...

This post makes me regret not making the mad dash to Tucson to see them with you... Oh well maybe my regret will move me to act next time!