Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Roadside Graves

Most music is meant to conjure up a deep emotion presents with oneself. This is why musicians write music and why we listen to it. If when Marvin Gaye sang, 'Let's Get It On', you didn't feel some emotional arousal to his words, the beat or the melody, why on earth would you continue to listen to it. A beautiful thing is being able to recognize what emotional expression a song or band plants in you. The Roadside Graves, are somewhere between the sorrow expressed saying goodbye to an aspect of your life that you love but know can't last and the excitement you feel staring down a dimly lit road just after learning it yours. Those quiet moments when all the madness in your life is focused on that road and the hopeful unknown that it holds.

Last year they released an EP - What Happened to Him Could Happen to Anyone, as well as a full length - No One Will Know Where You've Been. I've uploaded one of their songs, West Coast, for you to check out. You'll have to work a little hard for the rest of their music but I recommend, Jesus Is a Friend of the Family. Check them out.

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