Monday, August 25, 2008

Phoenix Concerts 8/25 - 9/1

Antidote @ The Modified (Monday Aug 25th d at 8p)
Dreadful Children, Prostetics, Whats Left
This is some pretty in your face punk, so if that's not really your thing, you might want to head over to the Trunk space for something a little more mellow.

Novi Split @ Trunk Space (Monday Aug 25th, d at 7p)
Swallowing Stones and Andrew Jackson Jihad

This is an interesting mix of music, Novi Split is a little indie pop, Swallowing Stones is a little psychedelic and AJJ is bluegrass punk.

What Laura Says @ Rhythm Room (Wed Aug 27th, d at 7p, $8)
Matthew Reveles and Black Carl
The remastered CD release party! Don't miss this one because 10 months from now What Laura Says will be touring some where in Europe and you'll wonder how you ever missed them when they were in your home town.

Pretty & Nice @ The Modified (Wed Aug 27th, d at 8p, $8)
I'm a little dissapointed this is the same night as What Laura Says release party, but if you have seem What Laura Says a thousand times, head to the Modified and check these guys out.

The Gunshy @ Trunk Space (Thurs Aug 28th, d at 7p)
Andrew Jackson Jihad
I am really exited about this show, the gunshy are a little Tom Waits and Mighty Mighty Bosstones with an acoustic twist.

Brobecks @ The Modified (Friday Aug 29th, $10)
Tugboat, So and So, Saith
I'm a little more exited about the opening acts... particularly Tugboat interests me.

The Liars Handshake @ Yucca Tap Room (Saturday Aug 30th, d at 8p)
Babaluca, DJ Epidemic and Against the Giant
For some reason Phoenix puts out some strange punk like bluegrass... this is just one of them.

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