Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Release of the Week: Delta Spirit - Ode To Sunshine

I have been getting a few complaint that it is hard to keep up with my music... and rightly so, I have a hard time wrapping my mind around it most of the time. So I have decided to include this weekly post that highlights one of the albums that came out that week. If you don't follow any of the other post, try to keep up on this one. If you'd like consider all the other post suggestions, where as this one is a MUST!

I'm going to recommend this one: Delta Spirit - Ode To Sunshine. The Album was actually independently released last December but is just now getting a proper national release, with new art and a bonus track. Ode To Sunshine is crafted out of the same stuff the Beach Boys made Pet Sounds and the Beatles made Magic Mystery Tour with a twist of soul! To categorize these guys under indie would be much to narrow, you'd need to include Americana, Soul and Blues as all these elements are present on this album.

Maybe there is something in the water in San Diego these days that produces bands like the Cold War Kids and Delta Spirit, whatever the case, I hope it doesn't change. Two bands bringing the abstract soul back into indie music!

Perhaps Delta Spirit encompasses what Craig Finn meant when he said, "Our songs are sing along songs".

Delta Spirit will be in Tucson with Dr. Dog on September 16th!
Cold War Kids sophomore album, Loyalty, comes out September 23rd!

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