Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dr. Dog - Fate

I have a busy life, at least I've been told I do. Lets see, I work 40 hours a week for the Man (Fox News), perform and teach improv comedy 15 to 20 hours a week and go to an obscene number of concerts (3 to 4 a week)... and try to post on this blog 5 times a week; so yeah, I'm pretty freaking busy. I never gave it much thought until my therapist suggested that I might be covering up something with my "mad" life; what I'm covering up, I've yet to discover. But my therapist is usually pretty right so sometime I'll have to get around to that... but for now, I'm just to busy.

So when Scott McMicken's itchy voice sings; "Are you moving much too fast? And the good times that just don't last. If you're always on the go. Make an angel in the snow. And freeze" I find something I can relate to on more then one level. By the time the back up vocals are dancing over the melody of the song, a coy smile has materializing on my face that won't leave for 45 min. Dr Dog's Fate is a simple complexity, the sounds and melodies are ordinary, the beats sound like something straight off an Otis Redding or Al Green record and the organ might as well be Billy Preston, yet throw them all together and you have something that is so beautiful its hard to even rap your mind around it.

You're going to listen to the guitar riffs and distortion and wonder where you've heard that sound before; let me save you the frustration of trying to figure it out; The White Album, Revolver and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. I find myself having a hard time deciding which voice I like best; Scott McMicken's slightly nasally addictive voice or Toby Leaman's passionate soulful voice. I'm glad I don't have to choice as they are equally present on Fate.

Now that I have discussed all the elements that are present on this album, lets take a moment to take our hats off to the geniuses that put it all together on one album. I am a huge fan of two different types of improvisation, Jazz and Comedy. In both of these art forms one of the goals is balance, balance is needed in order to knock it the hell off course with a hot solo or a unexpected connection. Fate offers a complete balance of sounds but don't get comfortable, there are suprises in every song, beat and tone.

I won't go on becuase I dont want to ruin anything for you. Here is The Breeze for your enjoyment. There are dozens of ways to get this album; may I suggest a couple of local alternatives. Stinkweeds, Zia Record, Hoodlums - ASU.

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Wyoming Mom said...

I always learn so much from reading your posts, Preston. I love 'em! Mine are so boring compared to yours!