Monday, August 04, 2008

Ra Ra Riot - The Rhumb Line

Ra Ra Riot
Ra Ra Riot is one of my favorite finds this last year. I was looking up some benefit shows that Tokyo Police Club and Vampire Weekend where doing in the Boston area, hoping I might catch one while I was over there visiting my sister. Unfortunately, the dates didn't match but I did run across a benefit show for a man named John Ryan Pike... to make what could be a long and boring post into a short and educational one, I'll skip the semantics. I came across Ra Ra Riot, who's drummer (John Ryan Pike) had just died. I read into the band and bought their EP - Self Titled sole on the fact that Tokyo Police Club and Vampire Weekend were both playing a benefit for the band. (sometime you have the take a chance!) Well it paid off, Ra Ra Riot quickly got top play on my ipod and I began following the band, saw them in May at The Modified with The Little Ones and patiently waited for their LP.
Well the date is coming quickly, The Rhumb Line... Ra Ra Riots debut album will be released August 19th under Barsuk Records. Although the track list hasn't been released, 4 reworked songs from their self-titled EP are on the new album (a bit disappointing), but non the less exiting to see these guys get some recognition. I'll be sure to post a review once I get my hands on the record.

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Tessa said...

YEAH! RA RA RIOT!!! I love these guys, they are played often on my ipod as well!

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