Thursday, September 18, 2008

Street Scene Festival

Actual Downtown Street Scene in San Deigo
I'm leaving tomorrow for the Street Scene festival in San Diego; before I head over there I thought I would give you a run down of the plan.

First off, going on this wild adventure is, Michelle (Hotel), Afton (Ring Leader) Rachelle (The Rookie) and me (Free Spirit). We are leaving Friday morning at 6:15am sharp; we have no place to stay… I was exited about the prospect of sleeping in a park, but "Hotel" made it quite clear that she was not sleeping outside. She then put herself in charge of finding us all a grungy hotel; which I informed her was sure to be more frightening then the park I might locate for us to sleep in.

This might be an interesting moment to say I have a small habit of sleeping in parks; Central Park, Hyde Park and the park across from my hotel in Orlando… just to name a few. I say this is an interesting time because my mom is in Utah and will more then likely not be checking my blog and will miss this post and will subsequently not be angry with my hobo living. Ah the relief from getting this one off my chest… … … Back to the plan: here is the basic run down of who we are going to see.

Chester French
The New Pornographers
Vampire Weekend

West Indian Girl
Cold War Kids
Tokyo Police Club
Tegan & Sara
The National
Man Man

The groups I am really looking forward to are highlighted. I'll be sure to give a full report after the weekend with pictures and everything.


theycallmeaft said...

really? you're going to give me "On Time" for a nickname? first, i don't even know what that is in reference to. and second i was the one who told you about this festival making me nothing less than the ring leader of this fabulous weekend! and yet you get "Free Spirit" (which i'll be honest i don't even want) and i get "On Time?" wow.

Preston Smith said...

the change is made

Anonymous said...

you can't change afton's and then leave me as "hotel!"