Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Release of the Week: Cold War Kids - Loyalty To Loyalty

Cold War Kids - Loyalty To Loyalty

Okay, so no surprise here. I saw CWK at Street Scene last weekend, they did a 40 min set and all but 4 songs were from the new album. It was pretty impressive to see them hold the audience with the new material. Like Robbers & Cowards, this album might take a while for most of you to really enjoy it. The same blues howl and edgy guitar is there. The music is a little more scattered then Robbers & Cowards, but then again that might only be because I need to give it a couple of more listens.

One thing I live about this album is the tempo, they seems to have slowed it down just a little bit. Besides, Something is not right with me, there are no stand out, punch you in the gut hits, but conceptually this album flows a little better then Robbers & Cowards.

If you get a chance over the next couple of months to see these guys, I recommend you do. Hopefully they will still play some smaller venues.


Tessa said...

This morning when the bass in my car was pumping my heart for me I realized that this is what I have been missing... I have needed to the CWK album. It will take a few listens but I love the bass I love the vocals and I love how the depressing lyrics make me oddly optomistic!

Great Post... Great Album... Great Band!

Wyoming Mom said...

I love getting music tips from you, Preston. You and Tessa have kept me in the music world-- but if you ever want to hear some Popcorn Popping and Once There Was a Snowman, I am your gal!